Increase your revenue in your financial planning firm, and never miss client details again.

We help financial advisors gain revenue and build strong relationships with their clients, by securely tracking their notes, goals and strategies from previous client meetings, without missing crucial information or spending time searching for the data.

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Free eBook Download

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Learn how to double your revenue by using Meridian Advisor Dashboard as your note taking and strategy reminder dashboard in every meeting

    How Meridian Advisor Dashboard can level up your business

    Top 3 benefits of using the Meridian Advisor Dashboard App


    Organize and cut your paperwork and client management time in half by using our trusted App.


    Double your revenue through more effective comprehensive planning and increased referrals.



    Establish credibility by showing consistency and organization in your note taking process.

    What They Are Saying About Us

    “I am a better advisor to my clients because I have Meridian. Certainly, there are other factors involved, but my practice revenues have grown by 47% since late 2019 when I began using Meridian during each client meeting. On average, since 2019 I gain two new financial planning clients a month solely through referrals from my existing planning clients. Meridian is now a critical piece of my tech stack and I’ll never have another client meeting without Meridian on my Ipad with the keyboard in front of me. ”

    –  A. Carpenter  |  Michigan
    “Meridian keeps all my favorite strategies in front of me during my client meetings. I know I would have missed opportunities for new business without it.”

    – Larry W.  | Michigan

    “Meridian is a great place to organize the information that clients share.”

     – Matt M. | Michigan

    “Meridian is critical to see opportunities while working with your clients. Mid-meeting ideas that show your clients you are looking out for their best interest…… and often this means additional revenue for your practice.”

    – Ryan S.  | Ohio

    “Finally, there is tech designed for you, by one of you.”

    A Word From Our CEO

    Dear Advisor,


    Serving your clients is your passion. Helping them reach their goals, have organization and confidence in their life, probably brings you joy.

    Why not have the same for you?

    “Fin tech” today all seems to be focused on client-facing technology. What about you?

    Finally, there is tech designed for you, by one of you. Meridian Advisor Dashboard is a place for you to take targeted, time-stamped notes, plus a place for you to have your favorite strategies that you may want to use with clients, right in front of you, at every meeting.

    Imagine never having to ask a client a second time who does their taxes, or if you’ve discussed Roth Conversions and what was decided, if you ever proposed investing excess cash reserves and how they responded. Being that organized with the information you know is just a few steps away.

    Download Meridian Advisor Dashboard to your iPad/tablet, customize your favorite strategies (or use the pre-set strategies), enter your next client’s name and birthdate, then start your meeting. It’s as easy as that.

    Increase your organization. Increase your control over your information. Protect your practice. Make more money.


    – M. Aric Carpenter




    App Features

    Here are just a few of the many features on Meridian Advisor Dashboard

    Delete Meeting

    Maybe you’re all set for a client to show up and they call to reschedule. You just delete the meeting you created and wait until the rescheduled date.

    Edit Mode

    In edit mode is where you make Meridian your own. Delete pre-entered strategies and add your own. Change the order in which you see strategies. Move your favorite strategies right to the top.

    Lock Meeting

    The lock meeting feature allows you to time stamp your notes so they’ll be secure forever more. You’ll be able to prove what was discussed and what your clients decided at any point in the future if the need arises.

    Contact Support

    Have any issues? Click this button and email directly to our tech department for quick advice or a fix if needed.

    Print This Page / Print This Meeting

    Have any issues? Click this button and email directly to our tech department for quick advice or a fix if needed.

    Import Clients CSV

    Have client data already recorded that you want uploaded to Meridian? Just move that data to CSV and directly upload to Meridian.

    MAC ADVISORS – A Case Study

    “MAC Advisors in Michigan began using Meridian Advisor Dashboard in each meeting back in late 2019. After editing a few pages to move some favorite strategies around, they jumped right in by adding their next meetings names and birthdates. They use a financial planning program at each meeting and that was on the laptop where the client could see it as well. The lead advisor had his iPad, with a keyboard attached, in front of him. Every conversation, every piece of information the clients shared, every strategy discussed was noted in Meridian as it occurred. When there was a lull, the advisor would look through his strategies in Meridian to see what else made sense to discuss. 


    This more thorough approach made all the difference. Clients saw that they were meeting with a true advisor. They responded by talking more openly about their goals and what they have in the works already. They were open to listening to other strategies…some outside the box.

    After over a year of using Meridian, MAC Advisors revenues increased over 45% and they added 28 new clients, all from referrals.


    MAC Advisors has also seen the quality of life improvements as they are more confident because they are more prepared. They have a record of past conversations, including strategies that were discussed and possibly implemented…. or rejected and why. This will bode well for the future when any questions arise about past discussions. Meridian Advisor Dashboard has made a huge impact in their bottom line and in other non-quantifiable areas.”

    – Jenny, MAC Advisor

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answered by our CEO, Aric

    How much does the app cost?
    Once you download the app, it is yours for free for the first 30 days. After the first month, you will receive a monthly bill of $14.99.
    Can I integrate this with my CRM system?
    Yes. Any entries in your CRM that can be exported to a CSV file can be uploaded to Meridian. I personally only uploaded the name and birthdate to my Meridian Dashboard. I didn’t have specific entries in my CRM that I could export. I started with the name and birthdate and have added to it every meeting since.
    Does my CRM already provide this?
    In our 25 years of financial advising experience, we’ve found that most CRM’s don’t have some of the powerful features that Meridian Dashboard provides. CRM’s allow you to assigning tasks, note a money transfer request, capture the date a letter was mailed, have calendar capabilities, sure… But, what the client received as a federal tax refund last year and what you proposed to be done… not so much. That their oldest son is a spendthrift and they don’t trust him with their money…… Negative. What attorney prepared their estate planning documents and when they were last reviewed….. Nope. That you discussed a Roth conversion but agreed to wait three years until retirement to proceed….. No.
    These are YOUR notes., the private information your clients share, and your strategies and how they responded to them.
    How will Meridian Dashboard protect my practice?
    Let’s say you just got a call that one of your valued clients of 15 years is needing care in a facility. Their kids ask if they have insurance to cover this, but they don’t. Did you propose it? Did they apply and get rejected by underwriting? Did they say it was too expensive? Can you prove any of this?

    How about the widow that is running out of money? Did you suggest that her husband purchase additional life insurance coverage while he was still employed so that there would still be covered after his group term went away at retirement? Can you prove it?

    These are just a few examples of how crucial it is to have time-stamped notes showing what was proposed, discussed, and decided.

    Meridian Dashboard can protect you, your practice, and your future.
    These are YOUR notes., the private information your clients share, and your strategies and how they responded to them.

    Will my compliance Department approve using this?
    Security as well as “Books and Records”. That’s what matters, right?

    Meridian exceeds industry standards for security and no one other than you, or those you approve, will have access to the information you add to your Meridian dashboard. The server is hosted securely by Liquid Web on a Cloud server. The data is transmitted securely over SHA 256 SSL certificate.

    Since these are notes from a client meeting, they qualify as books and records. Just like hand written notes, they need to be uploaded for compliance. Meridian makes this process very easy.

    Compliance departments seem pleased that notes are time stamped which improves protection for your practice.

    How do I integrate Meridian Advisor Dashboard to my meetings?
    I would make these slight changes:

    “Once the app is downloaded onto your iPad/Tablet you can “add a new client”, then start a “new meeting”.

    Over time, by using the “edit” feature, you can add or delete strategies, and reorder existing strategies to make the dashboard your own.

    As you proceed though your meeting taking notes with Merdian Dashboard, if a note pertains to one area of financial planning, add the note to that tab. If it’s general information, then add it to the home tab.
    During your meeting, refer back to your strategies. Is there something this client should consider? Is there an idea that might make sense for them? Is there anything that was discussed previously that should be revisited?

    After the meeting, with Meridian Advisor Dashboard in front of you, you might dictate your follow up letter and then create tasks in your CRM for your staff and yourself. Once finished with adding any notes, lock the meeting to create the time stamp. You can then print the meeting notes to a pdf and upload to your b/d for books and records.

    You’re ready for your next client meeting.

    Do I really need more tech?
    Most financial advisors already have a CRM, a financial planning program, and a trading platform. None of these offer the features that Meridian Dashboard offers. Don’t worry, the learning curve is very manageable and worth the little time it takes to get use to.
    The benefit greatly outweighs the small amount of time spent on learning how to use the app. Trust us, this app was created by financial advisors for financial advisors. Take a look for your self with our free trial!

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